Your Specialist for Viscosity & Ink Control

Passion and experience are our engine!

Over the years New Celio has become leader in the printing industry and especially in the development of viscometers.

The origin of this success is the philosophy inspired by the Swiss traditional quality and a constant technological improvement.

Experience and in-depth knowledge in the printing industry permit New Celio to be the perfect partner for the customers and to be in the vanguard with standard and/or dedicated solutions for specific needs. 

The precision and accuracy of New Celio products provide the best printing quality and substantial savings in inks, lacquers and solvent, considering a shorter set-up time.

The maintenance of New Celio systems is simple and easy.


Main functionalities

-  Viscosity control and regulation

-  PH control and regulation

-  Temperature control and regulation

-  Ink blending

-  Ink measure and automatic regulation (closed-loop) with in-line and off-line systems

-  Consumption and printing quality trends

-  Solvent mixture and distribution

-  Mixture of two or more components

-  Automatic tank filling

-  Automatic washing with solvent reuse

-  Ink storage

-  Ink distribution from main tanks to the rotary press

-  Dosing system for ink preparation

-  Systems to control the ink and solvent consumptioni

-  Stainless steel plant with orbital welding

-  … and much more