New Celio Engineering SA

New Celio Engineering was founded in 1998 as a successor company to Celio Engineering, established in 1970. The firm is located in Ambrì, Switzerland, in the southern Italian-speaking part of the Alps.

The main business activity of New Celio is the development and the manufacturing of electronic and electro-optic equipment for viscosity control and ink control in the printing industry, continuing a tradition that has made the brand Celio a symbol of innovation and reliability worldwide.

Over the years, New Celio has become leader in the printing industry. Through the in-depth study of printing applications and new developments, New Celio is able to give customers technical expertise, providing high performance. New Celio offers customized systems and turnkey solutions.

Thanks to a new industrial building built in 2005, the company has increased the range of quality products, services and solutions. Particularly, the new building has allowed New Celio to improve production flow, manufacturing output and testing capabilities, as well as to enlarge the sales network and ensure safer working conditions for the employees. The building is also environmentally friendly, giving the opportunity to complete each single task in a successful and harmonious way.

We wished our logo could reflect more what we are. For this reason in 2012 we changed it into something that could actually express the passion we put in our job. We are able to offer reliable systems inspired by the Swiss quality, thanks to our experience combined with the innovation of a competitive and young company: this is why our logo is captivating, modern and professional, recalling precise and solid bases. In fact, this is exactly how we want to be.